Reflecting on my first year as a Freelancer

This past year has been a wild ride, to say the least. In May last year, I finished working for Realmac and started working as a contractor for a low-key B2B SaaS company. Officially, I’m working like an employee, working the whole week on behalf of this one of a kind small business. They’ve been Continue reading Reflecting on my first year as a Freelancer

Allez Les Bleus —Something is in the air!

About 18 years ago, something incredible happened in France. It was in between the months of June and July 1998. Our team won the FIFA World Cup. Two years later, during the Euro, France won again, being the time ever that a team would win both titles back to back. During this time, I was Continue reading Allez Les Bleus —Something is in the air!

“The End of the Apple Man”

Katie Notopoulos for BuzzFeed: “For women, safety while walking down the street is something we think about pretty much daily, most times we leave the house.” What I found most impressive during the keynote, behind feature updates and announcements, was Apple’s true commitment to diversity. Between a very diverse keynote (4 women on stage, 3 Continue reading “The End of the Apple Man”