Today I Learnt that group weddings are still a thing 🤯

The Away story reminds me about one of my first managers. The similar personality traits and lack of empathy are quite striking… :/

Do your coworkers a favor and restrain yourself when using @Here and @Channel in @Slack please! 🙌🏼

CTRL+Return is my favorite shortcut on Google Spreadsheet (on the Mac)

🏀 @TheAthletic with the right questions

🎧 This newly released song from New Found Glory is absolutely working for me! 🤘🏼

“Necessity is the mother of invention”

🦃 🎉 Had to wait until the weekend but our first Thanksgiving between Franco-Americans was a success! 😋

🍿 Fascinating move by Netflix (via @Grayareas) 🎥

If it sounds like ”Imagine Dragons” and it quacks like “Imagine Dragons” …then it must be Awolnation 🎵

A day after the regular Thanksgiving, but a day before we celebrate with our international friends, I’m incredibly thankful to my wife for always being there to offer wise advise and support me no matter what!

🥰 💍 x 🦃 🥧

The world’s a much better place with her in it!

Would legit listen to an instrumental of @VoxMediaPods’s #Reset podcast theme track!

Fun weird moment in #Paris: lights went off in THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD for about 10mn

Thanks @SleeperHQ 🤔

Hell yeah new ⚽️ podcasts on @theathletic

So happy that @TheAthletic finally updated the UI and UX of their Podcasts section: a much better experience!

Highly recommend the new album from @TheLastSkeptik

Big Body Bes yelling: “Machine Gun Moneyyyyy!”

Honestly feeling sad for Lloris and Sonny with the incoming Mourinho ‘leadership’

One of the tech companies and founders I respect the most: Foursquare and Dennis Crowley

Started The Handmaid’s Tale over the past week, with my wife (watched Season 1 in 4 days) and while it is really well made, I am so involved that it makes such a frustrating watch… Anyone else watching this show? Or having read the book?

Despite the rain, it’s been a very nice little week-end!

Early Weekend Getaway

#TFBS221 was exactly what I needed between a stressful afternoon and a winter night, at 4 degrees Celsius walking home in the streets of Paris. Thank you @Complexion!