A Week in London

It started like any other week, in our Dublin apartment. I coordinated with my clients, checked on the advancement of our different projects, and worked my way through a couple of things on Monday. On Tuesday, early in the morning, Shana left to go on a business trip to the US. And just a couple …

So if I understand correctly it’s a very good thing that I went to see #CrazyRichAsians instead of catching up the Manchester City v Lyon champions league game right? 😢 ⚽️

One thing to look forward to today: the Champions League 🏆 ⚽️ is back today!

Not gonna lie, it's been a difficult few months for THIS Freelancer! 😦

This is as smart as it is funny: UEFA has released a pronunciation guide so we can all stop butchering players’ names during the #ChampionsLeague!