A Week in London

It started like any other week, in our Dublin apartment. I coordinated with my clients, checked on the advancement of our different projects, and worked my way through a couple of things on Monday. On Tuesday, early in the morning, Shana left to go on a business trip to the US. And just a couple …

Interesting: Instapaper is going independent

Still riding the high from yesterday’s French Victory at the World Cup but now that it’s all over, I’m very excited for the new Ant-Man, and even more so for Mission Impossible Fallout!

“His name is N’Golo Kante, he plays for France, and he deserves the Golden Ball.” =

“Gadsby’s story ultimately reveals that her experience of living as a queer comedian has been a nightmare rather than a laugh. In telling it, she’s made it impossible for comedians who come after her [...] to forget the horror that dwells on the other side of every joke.” ≠