Did I misunderstand this whole article, or does this translate to: “ Europe has a real opportunity to come out of this as a stronger alliance of countries ” ?

Treat people around you well, at all times, no matter what you’re going through, and 99% of the time, it’ll pay off in the best type of human compounding interest!

No surprisethere:

‘Even as the death toll neared 100,000 and unemployment ranks swelled to over 38 million, Trump couldn’t see the pandemic as anything other than something that had happened to him. “The problem is he has no empathy,” the adviser said.’


Nothing like French Quarantine Horniness

Still feel like Jay Z’s 4:44 is underrated… 🤷🎼

Binged @NextInFashion in 24h and now I’ve upgraded my entire wardrobe with 2 new pair of pants from Uniqlo 👖 👌🏼 Inspiration can be found anywhere!

Get your wife a wedding dress that she can wear more than one single day in her life 👌🏼

Best investment ahead of a partially locked down summer: a cold brew bottle x filter courtesy of Hario and our neighborhood coffee roaster 👌🏼 ☕️ 🧊

Been catching up on @LilTunechi’s #YoungMoneyRadio show on @Beats1 @AppleMusic and it’s impossible to dislike Wayne, I swear!

One of the most wholesome rappers out there!

Young Money Radio artworkYoung Money Radio artworkYoung Money Radio artwork

Ready for the return of the @bundesliga! Go @blackyellow #BVB #Dortmund #Revierderby

Afternoon working in the jungle

‪👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼 @LostNCheeseland 🇫🇷: > ‪“While Americans blithely debated the importance of restarting the economy even if it comes at the expense of more human life, French leaders deliberated at length about the right moment and the safest approach to reopening for business”‬

New favorite afternoon drink, now that days are getting slightly warmer: pouring an espresso shot into a glass of milk!

LOL the remote #ParksAndRecs reunion is low key brilliant!

“Paris is no more Paris without its smart young people chattering outside at now closed cafes than New York is New York without skyscrapers. Paris reduced to its architectural essence is grandiose but cold, an unreal postcard.”

“The institutions through which Americans build have become biased against action rather than toward it. They’ve become “vetocracies,” in which too many actors have veto rights over what gets built.”

Congress can’t rebuild US infrastructure until America rebuilds Congress - Vox

Mood. Damn.

Weekend Plans: finding Aperol and/or Martini #CocktailGang

Bonsoir Paris

I miss sports. Watching and playing. ⚽️🏀🏈⚾️🏉🛹⛹🏻‍♂️💪🏼

Yesterday was a tough day, stressful and all. But today is already more than making up for it, both personally and professionally 👌🏼

Bonjour Paris

One of us is a vegetarian, but the other one hasn’t told it to them