Been forcing myself to get back to @DayOneApp every single day of the week. It does feel great to document life’s little ups and downs on the daily. I have a very simple template that triggers as a daily reminder:

“Facebook is the most threatening weapon to democracies ever invented” How Facebook is Fueling The French Populist Rage

“Once you made a few likes on a group, you are overwhelmed by the group’s content. The new algorithm has funneled the Yellow Vests in a filter bubble largely filled with yellow content…” How Facebook is Fueling The French Populist Rage

An @AndersonPaak type of Friday at the crib, working from home side by side with my girl 🙂 @ShanaWeisberg

Late last week I’ve decided to use the last weeks of the year before Christmas to follow a Keto Diet (high proteins and fat, no carbs or sugar) and this led to my best game of ⚽️ tonight! Also: more energy, less fatigue post-game!

It is super weird but the sky is completely white with clouds tonight in #Dublin — impossible to see beyond that!