A Week in London

It started like any other week, in our Dublin apartment. I coordinated with my clients, checked on the advancement of our different projects, and worked my way through a couple of things on Monday. On Tuesday, early in the morning, Shana left to go on a business trip to the US. And just a couple …

Blockchain “promoters”/“youtubers” looking for the quick buck are the absolute worst

YES!!! “Dungeons & Dragons explained” by Vox.com!

No one does notifications better than @BleacherReport!

Today's epic EPIC fail, comes courtesy of the national irish tv channel RTÉ which, to be able to watch it online, requires... FLASH! Welcome back to 2010!

When @Instapaper announced they’d temporarily shut down in Europe what with GDPR coming into law, I switched to @Pocket. Along with its integration with @Firefox, it’s becoming more awesome than ever! — “Firefox is building a better newsfeed than Facebook, with Pocket's help”