Earlier this week, I went to watch the brand new Wonder Woman movie. Except rather than go to the nearest theatre I could find, I saw that Seoul hosts one of the best and biggest screens in the world —apparently it was also manufactured in France, but I digress.

In addition, something else triggered my curiosity : a showing of the film in “4DX” — something I had vaguely heard about before.



Here’s what Apple obviously — obviously — should do:


In other words, this should all work as it does on iOS. The Apple Music app on macOS would be the same as the “Music” app on iOS (which is also confusing given it has the same logo/branding as iTunes on macOS).

Along with my former colleagues, we’ve been saying this for years:

Apple really needs to find a way to unbundle iTunes into more manageable pieces of software. There is no reason why our Macs still come bundled with that huge, sluggish and clunky piece of software.