Fuck 2020, we livin’! Invest in yourself, your home, your life 😊

Sometimes, @NYTimes writes really simple articles. I like it!

Wow: RIP Van Halen 🎸 🤘🏼 😢

First time watching this, ever! About time!

George Caulkin with the wisdom

“Shut up, it’s only been two games!”

Tell the right and far-right to fuck off, please and thank you!

So many podcasts… so little time!

I need a lot more #VelvetUnderground in my life!

French weekend dinner

“French Fast Food & Home Décor”

Thinking of COVID and Parisians’ attitude of disregard of guidelines when it comes to sacrifices of their oh-so-important social life, I can only think of a quote from my wife, recently: > “Better be lonely than dead”

About last night…

Tonight was our Fantasy Football draft! Excited!

“can you all see my screen?”

Home inspiration

Nice day out today: running errands in style, shopping, and starting a locally-sourced liquor cabinet

Micro-photo-blogging series from the past few weeks in the south of France and being back in Paris

Wow, the latest episode of @TedLasso had everything! Excitement, drama, and a soul crushing finish!

Can’t wait for more: this show is real!

Definitely a bit of a mindfuck but TENET was fantastic! Such great casting, music, cinematography and a complex story!

The one time I’ll support PSG: in the final #UCL final against a foreign team I don’t support…

Bye bye 👋🏼 see you soon #Paris