Turning 28

Today I’m turning 28. The past year has been a whirlwind of change, between moving to Dublin, continuing to work remotely as an independent freelancer, establishing our life in Europe, and recently getting engaged and preparing to marry the love of my life and move to Paris. I’m getting ready to join an exciting company …

JUST MARRIED! 👰🏻 🎩 💒 We did that! 💍 @shana_weisberg

Two years ago on this day, I met the love of my life, in #London of all places! Two years later, and we’re able to bring both families together ahead of arguably the most important day of our lives! Happy Valentine’s Day @Shana_Weisberg! Be mine forever? @dayoneapp

“When the passing is immaculate, you don’t have to do any dirty work!” @NoisyPod #CmonCity

“Why I’m still thinking about Final Fantasy 8, 20 years later”

Hey @Shana_Weisberg, happy birthday — before the end of the week, I’m gonna marry you!