Ok then…

First beer and first pizza in 3 months, had to go to the award winning #Bijou

This heat is very uncomfortable


Morning ride before the heatwave hit

The only way to eat during a heatwave!

Japanese drinks & dinner, and Lebanese ice-cream

So excited for the return of the @ChampionsLeague #UCL tonight! #CmonCity #MCIRMA

B*tch I’m livin la vida loca


Morning light on the couch 😊


A Good Day

Dim sums and the slow end of my keto diet/transitioning to low-carb

Life comes at you fast! Stay safe out there!

“Automobiles kill around 90,000 Americans every year — about 40,000 in car accidents, and an estimated 50,000 more from long-term exposure to air pollution emitted by cars.”

Dear Business Insider, when a company is worth $1.3B, with several hundred employees, I think you can stop calling it a startup…

#TheHood > Your Hood

New Vlog

I published a new Vlog yesterday :) been a while!

Been a while #RunMontmartre

Ran 2.20 kilometers with Nike⁠ Run Club in Montmartre! Good morning!

🇻🇳 😃 Been learning Vietnamese via @Duolingo for 65 days and yesterday was the funniest yet: Kangaroo is literally “mouse with a bag/pocket” 🦘

=> ** chuột túi ** 🐁 💼