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Who I am

You may know me as a friend. Or as a freelancer. Or as a podcaster. The internet is my home!

I’m French.

I’ve studied in the UK.

I had an internship in San Francisco and another one in Paris.

I started working in the UK.

Then I came back to my home on the French Riviera.

I had a tattoo. Then I got another one.

I’d like to have some more.

I used to play guitar. Also, I’m not this fucking guy!

I used to play volleyball.

I used to do a lot.

Now I do a lot more and I get paid for it.

What I do for a living

TL;DR: I help businesses who need assistance with topics ranging from Customer Support, Marketing and other Business Opportunities.

Historically, I’ve worked with startups, independent software studios, agencies, and now, I’m actually my own boss, freelancing for a living.


The things that I’m passionate about

What am I up to these days?