It’s incredibly difficult to focus today

Thinking of which Sagas I could rewatch over the next few days/weeks. Of the top of my head: - The Lord of the Rings (possibly with The Hobbit) - Resident Evil - Fast & Furious - James Bond (only a select few)

Am I missing something? Any recommendations?

Empty #montmartre run again today

This is usually one of the busiest streets of #Montmartre #Paris

This cover from Sports Illustrated 🤯 😢 ⚽️ 🏀 🏈

Daily meditation courtesy of @calm and @kingjames

Fantastic Photo-Essay in The Times today

Giving #Brave another chance… Firefox is solid but can still be a bit clunky on Mac.

Quarantine Diary: did some yoga today! And boy-oh-boy am I NOT flexible!

”Humans – even entitled millenials – are experts in adaptation. But no one said that adaptation wasn’t painful.”

Really happy to see my friend @TonyHymes back to blogging during these times!

shrug emoji

If you’re looking for some great music to get you more relaxed or focused over the next few days and week, I can only recommend @Complexion’s #TFBS

As a big Sports Fan, this article hits home! — “Let’s keep sports in perspective right now” | The Athletic

You know it’s the endtimes when #JayElectronica drops his album after a 12 year wait!

Now’s the time to go all in on empathy and kindness

Be good to one another: your loved ones and your coworkers, but also to strangers you might see come across in grocery stores or in your apartment building.

Fascinating to see that the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering is using #GitHub to track #Covid19

Very impressive of @ZenlyApp to offer an up-to-date “Coronavirus” map

Gotta love post-Microsoft Steve Ballmer |

A really interesting read from one of the biggest voices in the world of Remote and Distributed work!

New Productivity Tip: I went from setting Slack on Do-Not-Disturb to quitting the app for a few hours at a time.

Working great so far — just need to reopen it on occasions, but there’s rarely any real emergency.

And if there was, someone would get in touch.

My #DailyCAH

Farewell BoJack Horseman! You were much deeper than I ever expected when I first started watching, and I thank you for that! :)

Big weight off my shoulders

Today was a good day!

“How about a call, because I think you’ll be interested in my background so far, and maybe you could interview me for your podcast?”

People really out here needing a reality check on their ego! I’ve also not recorded an episode since… 2018! 🤦🏻‍♂️

screenshothumble - kendrick lamar