[🎧🤖] ICYMI

ICYMI, the latest episode of The Verge’s Vergecast Podcast is incredibly thoughtful. Over the hour-long episode, it sums up a lot of my own interrogations, fears and doubt about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the ethics behind these emerging technologies that haven't matured and for which no one has a blueprint yet. These are things …

Updated my Micro.blog feed and cross-posting bot. If I’ve done this right, I should be able to use Facebook a whole lot less… [≠]

Only 4 hours left in the Springsteen memoir “Born To Run” before I can finally start the second volume of The Expanse’s second volume... While it’s a fascinating story and life, it’s also very long! 😀

“Nobody wants to get rich slow”

”Today many crypto investors are drunk with greed. They believe the Big Lie that this is a democracy where they can now get rich like all the venture capitalists, because they hear it wherever they go to read about investing in crypto.” [≠]

The end of a fun day with friends old and new and the local Phoenix Park 🦌!

👏🏼 for @adders: “The need to own and maintain your own domain is critical to long-term publishing on the internet — and it's something all too often forgotten in the platform publishing age.” [=]