Lamaaaaaaaaaar Jackson!

The #BrunchQueen strikes back!

For people like @MrWhatman and myself, Bank Holiday Monday in Europe means… more time to watch the NFL on a Sunday Evening 🏈🤩📺

I get really excited when I can use @UseLoom to record a quick screen-recording to share with my co-workers, and even better, with my customers!

Call me a dork, but the productive gains over long emails/annotated screenshots are life-altering!

The @OneFootballEN podcast: come for the football, stay for the cultural commentary between Europeans, Brazilians, and Brits talking about noix de muscade (nutmegs)

England’s Number One

Sports is amazing, man! Never thought I’d get to see a team I support play a defender in goal!

This Inter team is special! #UCL #ForzaInter

Really excited about Gameday 4 of the #UCL #ChampionsLeague tonight!

This past honeymoon weekend in Venice has been the perfect break!

Venice for the weekend 🇮🇹 ✈️

  • How do we beat our competition?
  • By not even worrying about them.

Hot damn, hot water, hot shower Hotlanta, smoking green, cauliflower

Monday, amirite?

So happy for Pulisic, man! This Chelsea youth team is exciting!

Off the beaten path :)

#FPL, an update

Testing something… Hi! :)

Top of the city!

On Kindle

"My Kindle could’ve been a hub for all of my reading, from newsletters to newspapers to subscription sites to books. Instead, it’s a thin electronic paperback book, and that’s all. That’s not nothing—but it could’ve been so much more."


Funniest autocorrect yet!

Only in France… 🍾🥂🥳💜🏖 @Spendesk

“BRIGHTBURN” was a fascinating take on the Superman mythology!