“Gadsby’s story ultimately reveals that her experience of living as a queer comedian has been a nightmare rather than a laugh. In telling it, she’s made it impossible for comedians who come after her [...] to forget the horror that dwells on the other side of every joke.” ≠

New Childish Gambino alert! 🚨🎵☀️

Needless to say that this game against Belgium contributed to a high beat rate for me: 90bpm during the game when my usual is 59-60bpm

Great video from @VoxDotCm about immigration, France, and why so many players in the World Cup are born-Parisians ⚽️🇫🇷

Holy shit: “Tony Parker made his Spurs debut on October 30, 2001, exactly one week before the series premiere of 24 and one week after Steve Jobs introduced the iPod.” • Tony Parker Is Moving On, and Soon, the Spurs Will Be Unrecognizable - The Ringer