👏🏼 for @adders: “The need to own and maintain your own domain is critical to long-term publishing on the internet — and it's something all too often forgotten in the platform publishing age.” [=]

“It was a great demo that showed off just how brilliant Google is at technology… and how bad it is at not being creepy.” | _Google’s AI sounds like a human on the phone — should we be worried? _- ‘The Verge’

Refreshing approach to Data and Privacy but then again, I’d expect as much from these people!

Italy, the most indebted member of the euro region to avoid a bailout during the European debt crisis, has succumbed to the forces of nationalism and protectionism that emerged over the past two years as the biggest threat to the political order. Italy Finally Falls to Populism

“Thank the Maker” the first Solo reactions are very positive!