“Why Paris Needs You — & You Need Paris — Right Now”

From my friend Lindsey, an American friend who’s my go-to for new food/coffee/drinks places to go to in Paris. She’s a regular NYTimes contributor, and has written this piece for Refinery29. In it, she discusses why now more than ever is the best time to visit Paris, with a nod to last year’s devastating attacks.

Ultimately, the best way for any of us to move on and honor the victims was to keep living out our lives in concert halls, restaurants, bars, and public spaces, and not immure ourselves in our homes in grief.

This brings to mind a piece from The Times about the infamous Parisian Resilience. I’ll leave you with a second quote.

We’ve all seen the articles exhorting us to travel abroad now, more than ever. They remind us that the probability of being harmed in a terrorist attack pales in comparison to the general risks in everyday life.

By the way, Lindsey is also working on a book about Paris, in English, which I can only recommend. To learn more about her, please pay her a visit over on her blog.



PS: In a future post, someone remind me to tell the story of how I met with Lindsey. It involves cookies.

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