[Quartz]:“No free work” is the wrong advice for creative people

Creative professionals are generally told not to work without a paycheck. But can strategically offering your services for free actually catapult your career?

As always in the world of freelancing, career development, or even “growth hacks”, there are numerous advices you can read about online. However, spend enough time on these different articles, and you’re very likely to start reading the opposite theories.

Personally, I strive to have a close personal relationship with my clients: if I feel that this relationship is likely to go well, I’m definitely up to sacrifice a short term financial gain over a reliable connection.

When you’re a sole trader, like yours truly, your reputation is all you’ve got. It’s all about the long term and your reputation as a working professional.

[via “No free work” is the wrong advice for creative people — Quartz]

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