A Week in London

It started like any other week, in our Dublin apartment. I coordinated with my clients, checked on the advancement of our different projects, and worked my way through a couple of things on Monday. On Tuesday, early in the morning, Shana left to go on a business trip to the US. And just a couple …

“To fight climate change, institute three-day weekends”

A reduction in working hours generally correlates with marked reductions in energy consumption [...] In fact, if Americans simply followed European levels of working hours, for example, they would see an estimated 20% reduction in energy use—and hence in carbon emissions. Make Capitalism & Productivity Great Again [≠]

Just had another case of “stepping away from the keyboard” to do something else instead of staying stuck for ages! Can’t recommend it enough: after an hour or so, I'm getting back inspired and refreshed, not to mention unstuck.