Nalpeiron Software Licensing

57690c8eb37e2b000bd81bf1Nalpeiron is a B2B Saas company helping developers license their applications.

I’ve worked with Nalpeiron as the Customer Success Manager bridging the gap between the product team and the end-users, identifying customer pain points, prospects’ needs, and trying to make the users happy.


Customer Support

thumb1My previous work experience have all involved working with customers, and coordinating between the end-user and the team developing the product.

I fell into customer support as I realised that I really like knowing how end-users were using technology, teaching them how to leverage it, and helping them resolve their problems.

Ember Interviews


In order to increase engagement around our existing Ember app, I was tasked to procure a series of interviews with our customers.

These interviews were a way to highlight how they were using the apps in their personal & professional lives and help potential users identify to these existing customers.

Realmac Software

Realmac Software banner logo

I’ve worked for Realmac Software between July 2013 and June 2015, my role has encompassed Marketing and Support alike.


On a day-to-day basis, my role is to provide assistance to the customers of our products, it ranges from Social Media support to more in-depth troubleshooting via detailed steps to get back on track. These can also include download links, screenshots, or screen recordings, when needed.

My responsibilities also include working closely with the QA manager to determine the cause of an issue and try to replicate bugs. We then coordinate to bring bugs to the attention of our developers.

My work also includes copywriting and content creation, whether to write a blog post on the companys blog, or to write down support documents, FAQs, and Knowledge Base articles.

Brilliant Noise

5729c8d6e7cf66000d232632During my final year at University, I’ve continued to develop my professional experience by working on several projects with Brilliant Noise, an innovative digital strategy agency based in Brighton, UK.

My two big projects with the agency, have been around Customer Support, Social Media, and Content Curation, on behalf of two big customers: a national movie theater chains, and a big energy provider.

Duke’s at Komedia

5729c93de7cf66000d23270aPicturehouses, the popular network of cinemas in the United Kingdom, opened a new movie theatre in the heart of Brighton.

To ensure a successful launch, the client wanted to use user-generated content to share the launch party on social media. My role was focused around curating statuses, tweets, and images being posted in real-time, as the event went on.

EDF Energy

I made it to Buzzfeed!

5729c909b37e2b000ce92cf3 Managing EDF Energy’s social profiles during several PR Crises including a time when Twitter users confused EDF (the French energy company) with the EDL (a far-right movement in the UK)

Red Bull Blue Monday

Red Bull wanted to innovate with an Online-to-Offline activation.

On Blue Monday (the 3rd Monday of January and also most depressing day of the year), we were monitoring social media looking for sad and depressed Twitter users across Paris and sent the team to give them cans of Red Bull to cheer them up, no matter where they were (at home, at work, or in class.)

Red Bull France


  • Digital Marketing (SEO/SEM), Social Media
  • Consulting and handling the online presences of Red Bull-sponsored athletes
  • Project Management — coordinating with various agencies and teams in France, the UK, and the USA on different projects (Red Bull Skate Arcade / Red Bull Kart Fighters)
  • Identifying opportunities for Red Bull in the e-sports ecosystem
  • Brand Strategy and Content (amongst other things, organize a Google+ Hangout with American football superstar Reggie Bush, etc…)
  • Translations between French & English for a variety of assets ranging from Press Releases to Mobile & Digital Games