Whyd is building a beautiful high-quality voice-controlled home speaker. Developing the marketing strategy and support flow during early stages of the company.

Digital Digest

Digital Digest is my podcast. A monthly interview with creative tech people.

Les Ateliers Moonshine

Les Ateliers Moonshine is an agency based in Paris. I work with them (on behalf of their clients) as a social media manager.


MyFeelBack is a B2B SaaS software for collecting customer feedback via ultra-targeted smart surveys. I’ve worked with MyFeelBack on B2B Content Marketing & Whitepapers.


Swibeco is a swiss startup in the HR department. As part of their launch and ongoing marketing efforts, they needed someone to handle their email newsletters, from strategy all the way to delivery.

Live Blogging & Event Curation

In addition to my various projects, I continue to be very curious. This leads me to taking on missions related to conference live-blogging or other opportunities curating content during an event. Events including TEDxBrighton, B2BRocks, Duke’s at Komedia launch

Nalpeiron Software Licensing

Nalpeiron is a B2B Saas company helping developers license their applications. I’ve worked with Nalpeiron as the Customer Success Manager bridging the gap between the product team and the end-users, identifying customer pain points, prospects’ needs, and trying to make the users happy.

Customer Support

My previous work experience have all involved working with customers, and coordinating between the end-user and the team developing the product. I fell into customer support as I realised that I really like knowing how end-users were using technology, teaching them how to leverage it, and helping them resolve their problems.

Ember Stories

Following up from the series of Ember Interviews, I partnered with a video production company to create a series of video stories of our end-users.

Ember Interviews

In order to increase engagement around our existing Ember app, I was tasked to procure a series of interviews with our customers. These interviews were a way to highlight how they were using the apps in their personal & professional lives and help potential users identify to these existing customers.