Varanida is building tools to make the relationship better between internet users, online publishers, and advertisers.

Built on the blockchain, Varanida offers an ad-blocking web extension allowing web users to block ads, control the level of data they are willing to share, and which publishers they’re willing to share it with.

As a member of the initial team, I am helping Varanida as they grow into a bigger company. Working along with the co-founders and our team, my role is a hybrid position in between marketing, support and community.

I also run the Varanida podcast on Anchor and Youtube.

Pivotal France

Pivotal is helping big corporate companies accelerate their digital transformation by allowing them to leverage a cloud-based infrastructure at scale. In practical terms, this means that a small team of developers can create a concept faster, deploy it faster, and iterate on it faster.

My mission with Pivotal is to look at the best way to leverage social media to promote the advancements that Pivotal shares, live-tweet conferences and think of new ways to reach Pivotal’s community of passionate developers.


Whyd is building a beautiful high-quality voice-controlled home speaker.

Developing the marketing strategy and support flow during early stages of the company.

Digital Digest

Digital Digest is my monthly podcast.

Re-launched in January 2016, each episode is an in-depth conversation with an actor of the digital industry: entrepreneurs, designers, makers, there’s something for everyone here!


is a B2B SaaS software for collecting customer feedback via ultra-targeted smart surveys.

I’ve worked with MyFeelBack on B2B Content Marketing & Whitepapers.


is a swiss startup in the HR department.

As part of their launch and ongoing marketing efforts, they needed someone to handle their email newsletters, from strategy all the way to delivery.

Live Blogging & Event Curation

In addition to my various projects, I continue to be very curious. This leads me to taking on missions related to conference live-blogging or other opportunities curating content during an event.

Events including TEDxBrighton, B2BRocks, Duke’s at Komedia launch