“We’re definitely not going to solve this problem by men saying they’re afraid to meet with women.” [≠]

I, for one, welcome the current Rap Beef —in which I obviously support Pusha-T over Drake! “The Story of Adidon” is atypical. “The Story of Adidon” is exceptional. [≠]

Wow, this plane look like it was straight up falling from the sky!

HELL YEAH: Apple Pay is finally available in Ireland for @N26 are finally available here in Ireland! 🎉💸

Tomorrow (Wednesday, May 30th), I’m hosting a day-long Ask-Me-Anything session on the @BeNomadCo Slack Community to talk about Freelancing, Marketing, Consulting and Digital Nomad-ing... Anyone interested in reading some of my answers? What questions do you have for me?