Also and FINALLY: really enjoying the #Gutenberg editor in @Wordpress 5.0 🙂

Another update: spent some time editing and publishing my latest Vlogs on Youtube (Malaysia + Dubai part 2) I still have a few videos to edit from 2017's World Tour. Up next: Athens, Rome, NYC, Washington DC.

🍖 Going through a short-but-intense Keto Diet for the last few weeks before the Christmas break. Lean Mean Tibz Machine mode: Engaged! 💪🏼

“Mark Zuckerberg thought he was depoliticizing his platform and focusing on connecting people. That is not what happened.” How Facebook Groups sparked a crisis in France | @caseynewton

.@Carrot_app forecasting Tech, not just the Weather!

End of an Era! Tumblr will ban all adult content on December 17th - The Verge

It's almost 2019 and no utility comes close to #ImageOptim to compress screenshots and images to post online!