On Kindle

"My Kindle could’ve been a hub for all of my reading, from newsletters to newspapers to subscription sites to books. Instead, it’s a thin electronic paperback book, and that’s all. That’s not nothing—but it could’ve been so much more." [=]

Only in France... 🍾🥂🥳💜🏖 @Spendesk

“BRIGHTBURN” was a fascinating take on the Superman mythology! boxd.it

Benefits of working in FinTech and having a brother in law in Banking: SYNERGY and easy access to good information!

My headphones are bust and I might have to wait for 3 weeks to get a new pair in the US (cheaper). So wish me luck until then! 💪🏼

theathletic.com In groundbreaking fashion, Megan Rapinoe flaunts identity and leads U.S. into new stage at World Cup