Moving to Vimeo

Up until now, I’ve been uploading my travel videos and Vlogs straight to YouTube.

However, after yet another issue with Google’s platform, I’ve decided to go to Vimeo, with a paid account.

Vimeo is providing a better quality for the type of thing I’d like to do, and a paid account allows me to upload up to 5GB per week which is more than enough. In addition, the customization options are more suited to my taste.

But also and mainly, Youtube is a behemoth more targeted at companies and commercial videos. As soon as one of my Vlogs has music that is even slightly resembling a commercial track, I get a copyright notice. Or the videos would be unavailable in one of the countries where my friends or family are living in: as a result they wouldn’t be able to see the video altogether. Pretty drastic.

So you can find my most recent Vlogs available on my channel: (yay Vanity URL)

To make sure you don’t miss out on future videos:
– You can signup/login to Vimeo and subscribe to my videos
– You can also keep up with the articles on this blog by subscribing to the automated newsletter or RSS feed
– Finally, for a more personal touch, you can sign up to my personal newsletter. It’s for my personal use, to catch up with friends and family. No advertising, and the emails are not being sold or anything like that!

I’m hoping to connect more with the Vimeo community over the next few months and years, I know they’re a very creative bunch!

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