After an unsuccessful romantic chase after a recent crush, I’ve been back to reading one of my favorite novels, “These Days” by Jack Chang.

I backed it as a kickstarter project in 2013 and this book really hit close to home. For the first time in my years of reading, I could identify strongly with the main protagonist, Connor. It’s kind of a life story, with a romance intertwined, partially set up in the startup world.

As I’m currently reading it again, the irony of my current situation is not lost on me:

It’d been a while since he’d had a full-blown crush, but he knew it wasn’t good to be too excited about her, especially this early. If you were too excited, the nerves got in the way, so it was best to keep expectations low in the beginning. Let it go, he told himself. Forget about her. What happens will happen.

Yep, exactly what happened to me this past January, and tonight if I’m being honest.


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